Hogan Lovells commits further £127,000 to extend university bursary schemes

London, 27 March 2019 - Hogan Lovells will welcome aspiring lawyers from Durham University and London School of Economics (LSE) this week for an insight day which marks the success and extension of the firm's bursary scheme with the two leading universities.

In March 2015, the firm committed over £150,000 worth of funding to support undergraduate law students in their studies as part of its commitment to widening access to the legal profession and recruiting from a diverse talent pool. In addition to financial support, recipients also benefit from guidance, mentoring and advice through ongoing contact with Hogan Lovells' network of lawyers. Over the last four years the scheme has proved a success, providing support to 20 students.

The firm has now committed a further combined total of £127,000 of funding to Durham University, over a period of five years, and to LSE over the course of a three year period. It will also continue to provide financial support to a number of universities across the UK including Birkbeck, Leeds, and some Cambridge and Oxford colleges.

One or more new scholarships will be offered each academic year, awarding the recipient(s) with financial support for the first years of their academic studies on their Law programme. The exact amount of the financial award made will be dependent upon the individual’s financial circumstances. Decisions regarding which students should be awarded the scholarships are made by the individual university or college admissions teams. At Durham, the funding will specifically support law students from backgrounds recognised as low income, who were state school educated and represent the first generation in their family to attend university.

Louise Lamb, Hogan Lovells Graduate Recruitment Partner, elaborated on the value of the partnerships:

"The success of our bursary programme is a prime example of business working collaboratively with universities in a close relationship that brings benefit to all parties and supports the efforts these universities and colleges are making to ensure diversity in access to higher education. We are fortunate to be able to support promising law students who, without additional financial support, may find the prospect of studying law daunting. The profession as a whole benefits as we generate a wider and more diverse talent pool from which to select our future lawyers, and indeed Hogan Lovells has a great track record of hiring from Durham and LSE. On the back of a now 10 year relationship with Durham University, including funding their new lecture theatre, we're excited to commit to a further five years and to see more potential coming through."

Durham scholar and Hogan Lovells bursary recipient Lily Wildman highlighted the positive impact on her studies:

"The monetary value of the scholarship has assisted me in two main ways: things I have been able to do as a result of it and equally things I have not had to do. Prior to being awarded the scholarship, I had a full-time job which I balanced alongside my studies and other extra-curricular commitments. Whilst I prided myself on my ability to prioritise, time was limited. Having financial aid has relieved the burden of having to work long hours alongside studying for an incredibly difficult degree. As a result of this, I have been able to fully immerse myself in my law degree. Whether this has meant attending annual debates at the University or simply being able to read more books and gain more knowledge for summative assessments throughout the year. In this way, the value of the scholarship, in terms of my academic work, is insurmountable."

Also sharing what the Hogan Lovells bursary has meant Hamza Khan, LSE bursary recipient, added:

"Coming from a low-income household in a deprived town, the idea of studying at a world class university or working in the big city are ideas not really thought or heard of, and simply being a LSE law student is an honour in itself. However, being accepted onto this scheme has further motivated me that no matter what background you are from, hard work will certainly be rewarded and will allow me to be successful in my pursuit of working at an international law firm such as Hogan Lovells. Not only will the scholarship greatly help me focus more time on my studies and allow me a smoother and easier experience than my first year as a student in London, but will give me great insight into the firm, its culture and the type of work done on a daily basis."

Stephen Denyer, Director of Strategic Relationships at the Law Society commented:

"There are many advantages to be gained from the continuing development of a more diverse legal profession. A key element here has to be help and support from the profession aimed at encouraging young people from non-traditional backgrounds to begin legal careers.  A necessary step will of course be efforts to attract a more diverse range of students to study law at UK universities.  In that context, joint effort between leading law firms and major law schools are to be welcomed.  This forms part of a much broader pattern of engagement between the legal profession and leading universities and other academic institutions which is to be greatly welcomed."

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