Hogan Lovells Announces 36 Promotions to Partnership and 31 to Counsel

LONDON and WASHINGTON D.C, 25 February 2011 - Hogan Lovells has announced the promotion of 36 associates and counsel to the partnership, effective 1 March 2011.  31 associates have also been promoted to the role of Counsel. As a result, Hogan Lovells will include more than 800 partners in offices across Asia, Europe, the Middle East and the U.S.

Collectively, the group of new partners represent each Hogan Lovells practice group:

• 11 in Litigation, Arbitration & Employment
• 11 in Corporate
• Five in Finance
• Five in Government Regulatory
• Four in Intellectual Property

The jurisdictional spread reflects the broad international nature of Hogan Lovells' practice:

• 13 in Continental Europe: Alicante, Berlin, Dusseldorf, Hamburg, Madrid, Milan, Moscow, Paris, Rome, and Warsaw
• 12 in United States: Denver, New York, Northern Virginia and Washington
• Seven in London
• Four in Asia and the Middle East: Beijing, Shanghai and Singapore

Partners in the UK, Continental Europe and Asia and the Middle East join Hogan Lovells International LLP.  Partners in the United States join Hogan Lovells US LLP.  Full details are in the notes to editors.

Speaking today, Co-CEOs of Hogan Lovells, Warren Gorrell and David Harris, said:
"These are the first promotions we have made since Hogan Lovells came in to being on 1 May 2010.  The appointments acknowledge the hard work of each individual, but are also testament to the depth and quality of Hogan Lovells and our commitment to investing in our associates and counsel.  On behalf of everyone at Hogan Lovells we would like to send our congratulations and best wishes to our new partners.”


New Partners

• Francesca Angeloni: Litigation and Public Law, Rome
• Timothy Aragon: Corporate, Denver
• Miranda Berge: Litigation, Washington, D.C.
• Logan Breed: Antitrust, Competition and Economic Regulation, Washington, D.C.
• Daniel Brook: IPMT International Practice - Patent Litigation, London
• Paul Brown: IPMT International Practice - Patent Litigation, London
• Philip Cheng: Corporate, Shanghai
• Richard Cowie: Corporate, Moscow
• Mathew Ditchburn: Corporate (Real Estate), London
• Yvonne Draheim: IPMT International Practice - Litigation, Hamburg
• Jessica Ellsworth: Litigation, Washington, D.C.
• Luis Alfonso Fernández: Litigation - Insurance and Reinsurance, Madrid
• Imogen Fowler: IPMT International Practice - Trademark and Design, Alicante
• Lorelei Gannat: Employment, Paris
• Christine Gateau: Litigation - Product Liability, Paris
• Heiko Gemmel: Corporate (Tax), Düsseldorf
• Kevin Greenslade: Corporate, Northern Virginia
• Rafal Grochowski: Banking, Warsaw
• Michael Heyl: FDA/Medical Device, Washington, D.C.
• Jonathan Leach: International Arbitration, Singapore
• Brian McCormick: FDA/Pharmaceuticals, New York
• Chris McLaughlin: Banking, London
• Vittorio Moresco: Employment, Milan
• Jaasi Munanka: Litigation, Denver
• Taras Oksyuk: Corporate (Real Estate), Moscow
• Todd Overman: Government Contracts, Washington, D.C.
• Nadine Peters: Privacy and Information Management, Washington, D.C.
• Ben Regnard-Weinrabe: Corporate (Financial Institutions), London
• Michael Roberts: Investigations, White Collar and Fraud, London
• Alexander Rymko: Banking, Moscow
• Michele Sartori: Investigations, White Collar and Fraud, Washington, D.C.
• Philipp Semmer: Corporate, Berlin
• Scott Tindall: Infrastructure, Project and Public Finance, London
• Lillian Tsu: Corporate, New York
• Alex Wong: Infrastructure, Project and Public Finance, Singapore
• Roy Zou: Corporate, Beijing
New Counsel

• Anton Bankovsky: Counsel, IPMT International Practice, Moscow
• Carlos Bardavίo: Counsel, Corporate (Real Estate), Madrid
• Salam Bassili: Of Counsel, Banking, London
• Sara Bradstock: Of Counsel, Litigation, London
• Charles Butcher: Consultant, Corporate, Hong Kong
• Oliver Chamberlain: Of Counsel, Corporate (Real Estate), London
• Filippo Andrea Chiaves: Counsel, Litigation, Milan
• Maria Deledda: Counsel, Corporate, Milan
• Undine von Diemar: Counsel, IPMT International Practice, Munich
• Anna Elshafei: Consultant, Corporate, Shanghai
• Julian Fischer: Counsel, International Debt Capital Markets, Frankfurt
• Thomas Gädtke: Counsel, Litigation, Munich
• Stephen Giordano: Counsel, Corporate (Tax), Washington, D.C.
• Anna Glinke: Counsel, IPMT International Practice, Düsseldorf
• Ulrike Grübler: Counsel, IPMT International Practice, Hamburg
• Marianne Hallinan: Counsel, Employment, Denver
• Jennifer Henderson: Counsel, FDA/Medical Device, Washington, D.C.
• Kavita Kishor: Of Counsel, Infrastructure, Project and Public Finance, London
• Danny Leung: Consultant, Litigation, Hong Kong
• Alejandro Lόpez: Counsel, International Arbitration, Madrid
• Massimiliano Masnada: Counsel, Litigation, Rome
• Carlo Massini: Counsel, Banking, Milan
• Christopher Mitchell: Counsel, Litigation, Silicon Valley
• Gaëlle Le Quillec: Counsel, International Arbitration, Paris
• Alex Scard: Counsel, International Arbitration, Moscow
• Miyun Sung: Counsel, Corporate, Washington, D.C.
• Andy Treavett: Of Counsel, Corporate (Tax), London
• Chris Wellham: Of Counsel, Employment, London
• Monique Woo: Consultant, IPMT International Practice, Hong Kong
• Coral Yáňez: Counsel, Corporate (ENRI), Madrid
• Roberto Zapata: Counsel, Corporate, New York

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