Daily Business Review Presents Hogan Lovells with Most Effective Lawyer Award in the Pro Bono Category

MIAMI, 6 December 2013 – Hogan Lovells is pleased to announce that the Daily Business Review presented Hogan Lovells with its Most Effective Lawyer Award in the Pro Bono category. At its annual luncheon in Miami, lawyers were recognized for their incredible contributions toward improving the state of indigent defense in Florida by representing the Public Defender pro bono for five years in excessive workload litigation.

"We are extremely proud that the Daily Business Review recognized our lawyers for their extraordinary dedication and commitment to this important litigation matter," said Richard C. Lorenzo, Miami office Managing Partner. "This is a great commendation for both team members working on this matter and the Miami office."

Since 2008, lawyers from the Miami office have represented the Public Defender of the Eleventh Judicial Circuit of Florida in his effort to obtain relief from excessive caseloads. The caseloads — which on average were 500 non-capital felony cases per attorney per year — impaired PD-11’s ability to meet the state's obligation to provide its indigent clients with effective assistance of counsel, as required by the U.S. and Florida Constitutions, and to provide competent, diligent, and conflict-free representation, as required by the Florida Rules of Professional Conduct. After dedicating more than 3,600 hours to the project, the Hogan Lovells team prevailed before the Supreme Court of Florida.

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