Biggest Privacy Laws Shake-Up Will Have Global Effect Warns Hogan Lovells

The biggest ever shake-up of EU data protection laws, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), adopted by the European Parliament today, will have strong extraterritorial effects and a significant international impact on the way we do business, said Hogan Lovells today (Thursday).

Influenced by overwhelming technological advances and the Snowden revelations, the GDPR introduces new accountability obligations, stronger rights and ongoing restrictions on international data flows. Overall, the new framework is complex and strict, but above all, it is very ambitious as it seeks to affect the way in which personal information is handled at a global level.

European Head of Privacy and Cybersecurity at Hogan Lovells, Eduardo Ustaran, said:

"It has taken several years but we have finally made it to the start line. The modernisation of European privacy laws has reached a critical milestone and with the formal adoption of the Regulation, we can now begin to lay the foundations for the future.

"Businesses operating in Europe or targeting European customers need to get their act together and start preparing for the new regime. At stake are not only the consequences of non-compliance, but also the ability to take advantage of new technologies, data analytics and the immense value of personal information."

Responsibilities companies will have to prepare for within the next two years include:

  • Introduction of effective data protection guidelines, training of staff, and documentation to prove compliance
  • Notifying individuals earlier and more comprehensively if they process their data
  • Erasing personal data as soon as it is no longer needed – the 'Right to be forgotten'
  • Impact Assessments where data processing is expected to result in high risks to freedoms and rights to privacy

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