Avoiding a Chain Reaction: Hogan Lovells Provides Guidance on Supply Chain Disruption With Interactive Online Tool

The long and complex supply chains relied upon by global businesses can easily be threatened by external forces such as oil price volatility and natural disasters, which is why Hogan Lovells has produced an online Supply Chain Disruption Tool giving tailored guidance across different industry sectors and legal jurisdictions on how best to manage these risks.

Currently available for the oil & gas industry, the tool will soon also be available to those in the automotive, mining, consumer, transportation, TMT, and life sciences sectors. A downloadable report containing basic legal guidance is generated after users answer seven simple questions.

Ben Hornan, counsel, Hogan Lovells, explains:

"Businesses are telling us that they feel increasingly vulnerable to supply chain disruption because of the global and interdependent nature of modern-day supply chains.

"Supply chain disruption can take many forms – from natural disasters, to geopolitical events and oil price volatility – and if not managed carefully can have a devastating impact on a company's bottom line and future prospects.

"While in many cases the effects of supply chain disruption cannot be avoided altogether, we hope our Supply Chain Disruption Tool will provide useful guidance for businesses looking to mitigate its impact."

The online tool, which covers a range of different contract types, geographical locations, and legal systems, can be accessed by visiting www.hoganlovellssupplychaindisruption.com

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