An open message to aspiring lawyers

Awards & rankings | 20 March 2020

We know law school, college, or university can be stressful even in the best of times. This is no ordinary time and we know your academic institutions and law schools are grappling with difficult decisions about how to hold classes and provide career guidance and opportunities, and even whether to abandon their traditional grading systems in favor of a pass/fail approach or one based on predicted grades. These are challenging issues. We want you to know we understand that and appreciate you may be concerned about how all of the necessary changes may affect your future employment opportunities. 

We at Hogan Lovells have long believed that academic performance is just one of many indicators of potential. We value students from diverse backgrounds and life experiences who have demonstrated a drive for excellence, a passion for community involvement, and compassion for others. We seek candidates who can raise the game of the whole team and can look beyond themselves in seeking the best outcomes for our clients. These principles will continue to guide our hiring decisions and will be even more important at this most unusual time.

Please know we are all in this together. We will find ways to overcome the challenges we face. When the time is right for you to think about future employment, we encourage you to tell us your story so we can get to know you.