702 Sun International CEO SleepOut Initiative

May-Elaine Thomson, CEO of Hogan Lovells Johannesburg,  will take part in the 702 Sun International CEO Sleepout. This initiative challenges CEOs and top executives around the country to raise funds for The Girls & Boys Town Foundation. Each participating CEO is required to make a contribution of ZAR100 000 towards this worthy cause. The CEOs will sleep on the streets of Sandton for the night. The aim of the initiative, apart from raising money, is to sensitise all citizens to the plight of homeless children and also to bring hope and a home to South Africa’s most vulnerable children.

The staff and family members of Hogan Lovells will also play their part in this initiative. Staff is encouraged to collect non-perishable foods such as soup packets, canned food, dried food like pasta, rice, dried fruit, etc. These will be donated to The Girls & Boys Town Foundation. In addition, some of the staff members have volunteered for a sympathy sleepout, in support and encouraging May-Elaine. They will sleep in open parking lot of the Johannesburg office, and will also be exposed to elements of the weather similar to the participating CEOs and top executives.

The sleepout will take place on 18 June 2015, in Gwen Lane, Sandton.

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