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The encouragement of long-term shareholder engagement

An analysis of the amended law of 24 May 2011 on the exercise of rights of shareholders in listed companies.

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Luxembourg Investment Fund Glossary

This glossary aims at providing definitions of terms related to the investment fund industry and often used in our blog articles.

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Super ManCos now authorized to manage FCP-RAIFs

The Luxembourg Bill 7349 has been adopted by the Luxembourg Parliament on 11 July 2019 (Law).

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Luxembourg Prospectus Law

The Luxembourg Parliament has adopted the Luxembourg law on prospectuses for securities (the "New Prospectus Law") on 2 July 2019. The New Prospectus Law will enter into force on 21 July...

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Luxembourg UBO Register: The Final Countdown

The Luxembourg law of 13 January 2019 (the “UBO Law”) creating a Luxembourg Register of Ultimate Beneficial Owners (the “UBO Register”) as well as the relating...

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