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Hogan Lovells Publications

Brexit: shaping your future

Businesses around the world are assessing the potential impact of Brexit on their operations and relationships in the UK, the EU, and internationally, and on the commercial and investment...

Hogan Lovells Publications

Brexit negotiations: how political positioning might impact UK energy policy

An optimist might think that the UK and the EU could negotiate Brexit by putting aside all the things that both sides agree on and focusing their energies on the smaller list of issues that ...

Hogan Lovells Publications

Brexit: trade associations and competition law

How to discuss your industry’s reaction to Brexit without falling foul of competition law Given the economic, political and legal uncertainty following the...

Hogan Lovells Publications

Brexit: Potential consequences for the medical devices industry

Brexit is expected to have significant implications for business in various industry sectors. For the medical devices industry, Brexit could result in uncertainty over key elements of the...

Hogan Lovells Publications

Brexit: potential consequences of Brexit on key legislations affecting real estate

A look at key real estate legislation, their main provisions and whether Brexit would require them to be replaced.

Hogan Lovells Publications

Brexit: what now? Uncoupling UK Law from the EU

Much UK law is currently linked to that of the EU. Ending the UK’s membership of the EU will require significant uncoupling of the two legal systems.This paper provides an...

Hogan Lovells Publications

Brexit - implications for the fashion and luxury brands industry Client Notes

As the dust settles after the vote for Brexit, the fashion industry and luxury brands sectors have been assessing the likely impact of the UK leaving the EU. Brexit will have profound...

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