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Podcast: Talking the cure

Our team is always thinking about how to foresee and conquer the most significant industry issues facing our clients. In 2020, we launched the podcast "Talking the Cure" where we cover...


The Influencers Podcast: How Nestlé uses legal tech and AI

Join Nestlé senior legal counsel Ruth Brandstätter and Hogan Lovells host Leo von Gerlach as Ruth shares Nestlé’s journey using legal tech and AI in their...


Top legal issues to think about in China-related licensing transactions

This article provides a general overview of certain Chinese legal considerations for licensing and collaboration deals in the life sciences industry. In particular, this article focuses on...

Insights and Analysis

IP issues in hydrogen in the manufacturing, energy, and industrials sector

Hydrogen is increasingly being recognized as a key element in the energy transition, offering significant potential for both the energy and manufacturing and industrials sectors. As a...


The Influencers Podcast: The Future of LegalTech

In this episode of The Influencers, Hogan Lovells host Leo von Gerlach and Sebastian Lach, Co-CEO of ELTEMATE, discuss the future of legal tech in the context of digital transformation.


The Influencers Podcast: Behind the AI Act

In this episode of The Influencers, Kai Zenner (Digital Policy Adviser, European Parliament) and Hogan Lovells host Leo von Gerlach discuss behind-the-scenes insights and repercussions of...


AI use by life sciences companies – strategic introduction

For companies across the life sciences sector, from those in the early stages of contemplating AI use to those already using AI in R&D or other material business operations, developing...


The Influencers Podcast: From tangible to tokenized - legalities of digital assets

In this episode of The Influencers, join Prof. Dr. Ulrich Segna, the Dean of EBS Law School, and Hogan Lovells host Leo von Gerlach as they explore the evolving civil law landscape in the...

Insights and Analysis

The rise of AI assets and what it means for intellectual property due diligence in M&A transactions

As artificial intelligence (AI) assets are on the rise and markets are growing rapidly, AI assets will inevitably play an increasingly significant role in M&A transactions, specifically ...

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