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Podcast: Talking the cure

Our team is always thinking about how to conquer and foresee the most significant industry issues facing our clients. Over the next year, we will touch on cutting-edge topics such as...


EU Data Act (part 5): smart cars and data sharing obligations – Q&A

The incoming EU Data Act creates data access rights against manufacturers to benefit users of smart products. Smart vehicles are not an exception. Users (including companies) will have the...


Data Governance Act is almost here: Spanish update for data intermediation services

The Data Governance Act (“DGA”) will become applicable as from 24 September 2023. From that date, (i) DGA intermediation services (that have carried out the necessary...


Panelists discuss why IP lawyers should care about the IRA

We were pleased to welcome Henry Hadad of Bristol Myers Squibb, who joined Hogan Lovells partners Alice Valder Curran, Miriam Gundt, and Cullen Taylor for our recent webinar presentation on ...


Collaborative research is blurring boundaries between sponsored studies and IIS

Industry is revising its models in clinical development: new collaborative research between the industry and investigators is becoming more important, resulting in an in-between approach...

Insights and Analysis

Redefining copyright in the generative AI-mazing era – EU and France perspective

Generative artificial intelligence (AI) is transforming the way we create and consume art, literature, and other creative works. From generating beautiful illustrations to helping writers...


Recap: Consumer Horizons webinar on Artificial Intelligence – Transforming consumer business and reshaping the law

As part of our Consumer Horizons series, we conducted a webinar on the legal implications of artificial intelligence in the consumer business. Our speakers James Denvil, PJ Kaur, Florian...

Insights and Analysis

France: Protecting a website from unlawful data scraping

Data scraping, also referred to as web scraping, data harvesting or data extraction, is a technique for extracting content from a website, local machine or a database. Data scraping is...


The UK’s new requirements for subscription contracts with consumers – DMCC Bill Deep Dive Part 3

While unfair practices trapping consumers in unwanted subscriptions have been addressed under existing consumer law, the Digital Markets, Competition and Consumers Bill introduces a new set ...

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