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Is the UK entering into a new age of corporate crime enforcement?

Companies operating in the UK – whether incorporated in the UK or simply carrying on a business in the UK are entering into a period of significant change in the way corporate crime...


Podcast: Talking the cure

Our team is always thinking about how to conquer and foresee the most significant industry issues facing our clients. Over the next year, we will touch on cutting-edge topics such as...


Where development, global crises, and whistleblowing converge

You get a hotline report that a project coordinator in an emerging market that you recently entered was awarded their contract based on a falsified experience. You begin investigating....


Germany intensifies fight against sanctions evasion, money laundering and other financial crimes

After sanctions and anti-money laundering regulations have rapidly and significantly expanded in the wake of Russia’s war against Ukraine, Germany is further racking up its efforts in ...


GRPA Hot Topic One-Pager: Staring at a U.S. shutdown

With a government shutdown looming overhead, companies need to be aware of how their industries may be affected. Government employees may only provide minimal service, government contracts...

Published Works

In the crosshairs or at a crossroads? Indonesia’s anti-corruption inflection point Anti-Corruption Report

The anti-corruption enforcement landscape in Indonesia has changed significantly in recent years. With the application of a new criminal code and restrictions on the authority of the...


No monkey business – Recent FCPA probe into wildlife trafficking in Asia

An Indiana-based contract research organization for pharmaceutical testing is being investigated by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) for potential violations of the Foreign...

Insights and Analysis

UK failure to prevent fraud offence receives Royal Assent
Registered Content

On 26 October 2023, the UK Economic Crime and Corporate Transparency Act (the “Act”) received Royal Assent, introducing into UK law the long-awaited corporate “failure to...

Insights and Analysis

Injunctive relief in the DIFC: A narrowing of the DIFC Court’s jurisdiction
Registered Content

A recent decision of the DIFC Court of Appeal has significantly narrowed the DIFC Court’s jurisdiction to grant injunctions, including worldwide freezing orders, in support of...

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