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Consumer NFT Guide

With the rapid growth and volatility of the non-fungible token (“NFT”) market, we're excited to introduce our new Consumer NFT Guide.


UK Trade Marks, Copyright and Designs - Outlook for 2023

As we start the new year, we take a look back at some of the most significant legal developments and caselaw of 2022 in UK trade mark, copyright and designs law and highlight the changes...


Hong Kong Copyright (Amendment) Ordinance – updating the copyright regime

Hong Kong Copyright (Amendment) Ordinance was gazetted on 16 December 2022 and introduces important updates to the copyright regime in Hong Kong.

Insights and Analysis

Sports beyond football: The esports and video games resolution of the EU Parliament
Registered Content

While global news had football on their daily agenda, the European Parliament has been planning further ahead. Last month, it published a resolution on esports and video games, appreciating ...


London Brands Seminar: NFTs and the Metaverse

On 16 November 2022, partners Joel Smith and Sahira Khwaja and other members of our London brands team, hosted a client seminar on the ‘Metaverse’, including a lively panel...


Online gaming regulatory practice in France - Part 1: T&C of video game digital distribution stores

The online gaming sector is characterized by various regulatory frameworks, that may or may not overlap depending on the type of games and means of distribution. There are a number of...


UK - Retained EU Law Bill and intellectual property

The Retained EU Law (Revocation and Reform) Bill 2022-2023 was introduced on 22 September 2022, with the aim of repealing, amending or revoking certain EU law that was retained on Brexit,...


DSA flash: What’s new in November 2022?

The EU Digital Services Act with its wide-sweeping regulatory regime for all types of online intermediaries active in the EU was published on 27 October, resulting in its upcoming entry...


Poland: new guidelines on influencer marketing in social media published

Earlier this year, the Office of Polish Competition and Consumer Protection conducted a thorough investigation into illegal surreptitious advertising on social media - see our publication...

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