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Is Arbitration Finance right for you?

We are often asked about arbitration finance, so here are nine jargon-free answers to frequently asked questions.


Enforcement of Emergency Awards – India takes a leap

On 6 August 2021, the Indian Supreme Court ruled that awards of emergency arbitrators in India-seated arbitration would be enforceable in India. This has attracted international attention...

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Peruvian contractor defends lawyers accused of “switching sides” Global Arbitration Review

A Peruvian contractor has hit back at allegations that its victory in an ICC dispute over a refinery project was tainted by two lawyers’ move to a different law firm, calling it...


Understanding investment treaties: The relevance of investment arbitration to the tech sector

Investment arbitration is relevant to the tech sector. In this short video, we look at what sort of states could take measures against tech investors and how tech investors can utilize ...


Understanding investment treaties: The relevance of investment protection to the tech sector

Investment protection has traditionally been perceived as being used primarily by the extractive industries. In this short video, our speakers analyze how investment protection under...


Understanding investment treaties: Advantages of investment treaty arbitration

There are many advantages to bringing claims before an international tribunal as opposed to a domestic court. In this short video, we highlight three main advantages of investment treaty...


Understanding investment treaties: The standards of protection commonly found in investment treaties

Investment treaties are negotiated and entered into between states and operate to protect investors from state interference with their investments. In this short video, we highlight three...


Understanding investment treaties: The basics of investment protection under investment treaties

Every day the week of 26-30 July, we will be releasing short videos providing an introduction to investment protection under investment treaties.With more than 2,000 investment treaties...


The CCJA’s stance on arbitrators’ duty to disclose: the International Business Corporation case

The ability of parties to be involved in the selection of the arbitral tribunal from the outset is a distinguishing feature of contemporary international arbitration, and probably what...

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