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"Scarcity" in modern economy
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“Scarcity” has become a menace for the global economy and many supply chains. Across all continents and industries. From steel and wood to luxury goods and...


French media and broadcasting reform: Your roadmap through dense legislative and statutory activity

For the last 18 months, the French Parliament and Government have been working towards adopting a global reform in relation to the media and broadcasting industry. To guide you through the...


New proposed privacy rules for global companies conducting business in Australia

The Australian Government has released draft legislation aimed at ensuring Australia’s privacy law remains well equipped to tackle the next digital era.


Spanish Implementation of Copyright Directive is here

Spain has transposed the EU Copyright Directive and has included several amendments to the Spanish Copyright Act. Among the most notable highlights of the new act that sparked debate both...


Data Governance Act. Blowing away barriers to accessing data held by public entities

The European Union has already enacted several Directives to allow (or mandate) the possibility for companies to access and re-use the data held by EU public administrations in the European ...


Non-fungible tokens: NFTs and the silence of the EU legislator

You might expect that the European Commission, eager to act as an innovative regulator, would have non-fungible tokens, NFTs, firmly on their radar and to have dedicated a relevant...


Lodging and rental of vehicle platforms will share customers' data with the police: Spanish update

Spanish Government has approved a Royal Decree by which people or companies that offer lodging and/or rental car (without driver) services, will need to share a very broad list of personal...


Dutch regulators join forces for supervision in the digital field

A group of Dutch regulators announced the establishment of the Digital Regulation Collaboration Platform


FTC "resurrects" Penalty Offense Authority for unlawful endorsements and testimonials

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has notified businesses that it is “resurrecting” its Penalty Offense Authority, an enforcement tool that had not been used by the agency...

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