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Competence and Jurisdiction of the UPC
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A key aim of the Unified Patent Court (UPC) is to provide a more streamlined and consistent approach to patent litigation in the contracting Member States, by providing a single forum for...


Artificial intelligence and intellectual property: UK Government responds to UK IPO consultation

Following its first consultation on artificial intelligence and intellectual property in 2020, the UK Intellectual Property Office launched a second consultation in October 2021. This...


Emerging AI issues affecting EU, UK life sciences firms

At our recent Health Care AI Law and Policy Summit, Hogan Lovells attorneys Dan Whitehead, Bonella Ramsay, Louise Crawford, and Imogen Ireland convened with industry leaders virtually at...


CTGT transactions: Beware of ripples in the safe harbor

We increasingly encounter research and development collaboration partners relying on various research tools, cell lines, and other technologies to develop products and therapies within the...


Is your CTGT patent portfolio ready for the UPC?

The introduction of the Unitary Patent and the corresponding Unified Patent Court (UPC) system is set to transform the patent litigation landscape in the European Union (EU). The potential...


Cell and gene therapy transactions carry unique risks for both licensor and licensee

Cell and gene therapy transactions have increased dramatically over the last few years, in both number and complexity, and have given rise to a number of issues that merit further...


Dutch Court of Appeal grants cross-border patent infringement injunction in the absence of a Dutch patent

On 1 March 2022, the Court of Appeal of the Hague confirmed that a Dutch warehousing and distribution entity of a Chinese company infringed a patent relating to solar technology. The Court...


Court of Appeal grants Mylan stay of injunction pending appeal against validity of Neurim divisional
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The Court of Appeal has granted Mylan a stay of an injunction pending appeal against Neurim in a case concerning parallel UK and European Patent Office (EPO) proceedings. In this...

Hogan Lovells Podcasts

Podcast: Talking the cure

Our team is always thinking about how to conquer and foresee the most significant industry issues facing our clients. Over the next year, we will touch on cutting-edge topics such as...

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