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A global approach to whole-life carbon: in the UK and beyond

With an ever-growing focus on how best to achieve net zero and improve energy efficiency, there is mounting recognition of the impact of the built environment on carbon emissions, not just...

Insights and Analysis

UK Supreme Court: collateral warranties not usually construction contracts so can’t be adjudicated

The Supreme Court has held unanimously that collateral warranties promising continued performance of construction obligations are generally not agreements for construction operations as...


New UK Listing Regime – now open for business

New Listing Rules come into force on 29 July 2024, implementing long-awaited reforms to the UK’s Listing Regime. The changes, which some have billed ‘radical’, form a...


Podcast: Talking the cure

Our team is always thinking about how to foresee and conquer the most significant industry issues facing our clients. In 2020, we launched the podcast "Talking the Cure" where we cover...


UK Election – what does this mean for digital asset regulation?

The Hogan Lovells Digital Assets and Blockchain practice comments on the implications of the recent general election and change in government for digital asset regulation in the UK.


UK and New York repurposing trends: how do they compare?

One of the many benefits of being in a truly global law firm, is being able to explore the experiences of counterparts around the world – which are often so similar, yet so very...


New UK government; new approach to planning?

In the planning world we are no strangers to the political spotlight every time there is an election. It seems that the promise of greater delivery, more housing, and speedier decisions is...


UK Government ratifies Hague Judgments Convention 2019: multilateral treaty on enforcing judgments

The UK Government has ratified a new multilateral treaty on the enforcement of judgments: the Hague Judgments Convention 2019, which will take effect in the UK from 1 July 2025 and...


Reimaging Real Estate: Repurposing in Spain

The change of use of properties in Spain is regulated by a specific regulatory framework that varies according to each region, and Spain has 17 regions. This process is essential for...

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