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Podcast series: False Claims Act 2018 and the road ahead Podcast

The pace of False Claims Act (FCA) litigation remained furious over the past year. Companies (and individuals) in all sectors of the economy continue to face the ever-present threat of FCA...

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False Claims Act: 2018 and the road ahead


AI and Your Business: A Guide for Navigating Legal, Policy, Commercial, & Strategic Challenges Ahead
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Virtually all industries are being reshaped with the use of Artificial Intelligence and advanced machine-learning.

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California Department of Insurance emerges in kickback enforcement

A US$1.2 billion complaint against a global pharmaceutical company has brought increased attention to the California Department of Insurance's unique enforcement statute: the Insurance...

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Life sciences and health care horizons

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Lack of materiality evidence "zaps" mammoth FCA jury awards: 5 Lessons BNA's Health Law Reporter

Two courts recently upended monstrous False Claims Act (FCA) jury awards — one for $663 million and the other for $347 million — concluding that liability was not sufficiently...

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Documents challenging Attorney General Sessions’ grant conditions regarding “sanctuary cities”

We are filing a lawsuit against Attorney General Sessions in the Eastern District of Pennsylvania on behalf of the City of Philadelphia. It asserts the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) new...

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False Claims Act Alert: Fourth Circuit Punts on Sampling and Extrapolation False Claims Act Alert

Yesterday, the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals ruled in the interlocutory appeal in United States ex rel. Michaels v. Agape Senior Community, Inc.. In an opinion considering two significant ...

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DOJ Confirms Epic Spike in FCA Penalties False Claims Act Alert

The U.S. Department of Justice will nearly double the statutory penalties under the False Claims Act (FCA) under an interim final rule it published June 29, 2016.

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