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The US$4.5 billion Bitfinex hack – five things you should know

The hack of the Hong-Kong based crypto-exchange Bitfinex has been described as the “heist of the century”. Where a crypto-asset is in play in litigation, in particular as a...


Singapore unveils sanctions against Russia

The sanctions were first announced in parliament on 28 February 2022, and the specifics were released on 5 March 2022 (see link below).


Admit today; prosecution goes away? China expands its corporate compliance toolkit
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Especially in the last decade, governments around the world have increased efforts to combat corruption, fraud, money laundering, and other white-collar crimes.


Empowering Singapore’s Financial Institutions through COSMIC Power

After a summer hiatus, we return with a warning of imminent AML controls; a trend we witness across the region. On 1 October 2021, the Monetary Authority of Singapore (“MAS”)...


ESG regulation in Singapore – from baby steps to a run

Stephanie Keen, Amelia Lee, Crispin Rapinet, and Khushaal Ved from our Corporate, Consumer, and Corporate Investigations practices have collaborated to chart the sprint in ESG regulation in ...


New and improved? Corporate liability for corruption in Malaysia

Section 17A of the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission Act raises the possibility of corporate liability for corruption in addition to personal liability for board and senior management...


The TGA and the Iron Mask

In 2020, heightened demand for health care resulted in an influx of therapeutic goods being included on the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods.This of course included face masks...


RCEP – bigger, but is it better? Taking Stock of Asia's new free trade agreement

After eight years of negotiation, the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership on Trade (RCEP), the world's largest regional trade agreement, was signed in an online ceremony on 15...

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