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Five things retailers should consider in the COVID-19 era
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As the world learns how to navigate the new normal, businesses have become accustomed to dealing with what used to be considered exceptional – managing mass shut-downs, disrupted...

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Introduction of social measures in support of businesses facing the COVID-19 crisis

The health crisis linked to Covid-19 is exposing firms to economic difficulties which may have serious ramifications. In this context, the government’s aim is to preserve jobs, whilst ...

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Companies: What is the legal antidote to COVID-19 in France?

Everyone is involved in limiting the spread of this new coronavirus, and the efforts of employers must be combined with those of employees. HR, HSE, Compliance, etc., your role is crucial...


The measures of the Macron orders have been published in the Journal Officiel

Five ministerial orders were adopted, following consultation with the Conseil d’Etat, by the Conseil des Ministres on 22 September 2017. They were published in the Journal Officiel on ...

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The Outsourced Workforce: Prepare for EU Pitfalls The European Lawyer

Companies which outsource functions on other member states will find a pan-European approach hampered by countries' individual approaches to implementing directives.

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