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Hogan Lovells Podcasts

"Thanks... Good Talk" Shortcast

Ivan Zapien focuses his shortcast on the issues, people, and culture that help shape Washington, D.C.

Media Mention

Lobbyists not sweating McCarthy’s drawn-out battle for the gavel Politico

Several Hogan Lovells lobbyists weighed in on the drawn-out battle for Kevin McCarthy’s bid to become Speaker of the House.

Insights and Analysis

A Discussion on the 2022 U.S. Midterm Election

Senator Norm Coleman and Ivan Zapien discussed their thoughts on the 2022 Midterm election results and how this will impact legislation, oversight and the President’s agenda.

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Big businesses are siding against Texas in mandate fight The Hill

The fight over vaccine mandates between the White House and Texas Gov. Greg Abbott (R) is putting businesses in the middle. But many are picking the White House’s preferred policy.

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Jitters rising, K Street eyes new involvement in debt limit impasse Roll Call

Stalemate comes amid tension between Chamber of Commerce and Republicans, complicating efforts


Leaping the legislative hurdles

In the race to get priority legislation on the President’s desk, including infrastructure, antitrust, and funding for Fiscal Year 2022, Congress faces many hurdles - most importantly...

Media Mention

Democrats seek staffer salary boost to compete with K Street The Hill

Ivan Zapien was quoted in The Hill article "Democrats seek staffer salary boost to compete with K Street."


Biden Administration Releases First 100-Day Review, Spurring Immediate Actions for US Supply Chains

Pursuant to Executive Order 14017, issued by President Biden on 24 February 2021, a federal government task force examined the vulnerabilities in America’s supply chains for...

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Q&A: Hogan Lovells' Ivan Zapien on diversity and the future of lobbying Reuters

"News and adrenaline junkies." That's how Ivan Zapien describes the personality profile of the typical lobbyist.

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