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Global Accountants' Liability Update – October 2021

Our global team of securities and professional liability lawyers at Hogan Lovells is uniquely positioned to monitor legal developments across the globe that impact accountants’...


Data class actions guide
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Does your processing of personal data fall within the scope of the GDPR? Are you ready to defend potential data-related litigation – in particular, data class actions?

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Spain: Can COVID-19 be used to seek the suspension, variation or termination of commercial agreements?

Spain, like all other European countries, is taking decisive steps to contain the coronavirus and safeguard both public health and the Spanish economy. However, the government's decisions...


How class actions would work under the GDPR in Spain
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In Spain, it is more appropriate to refer to 'collective actions', so how does this defer from 'class actions' and who can bring proceedings in respect of privacy and data...


Data class actions: the era of mass data litigation
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With the development of big data, the scope and impact of potential data breaches or losses have significantly increased. Our guide to data class actions reviews the position in key...

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Data Class Actions: the era of mass data litigation

Class actions are commonplace in the United States but relatively rare in Europe.

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Mitigate the risks you face with supply chain disruption

Supply chain disruption represents a major threat to businesses in the oil and gas industry. Generate your own risk-mitigating report here.

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