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The law on liquidated damages: a comparative approach across common law jurisdictions

On 9 February 2022, our Hogan Lovells Singapore International Arbitration practice, together with Fountain Court Chambers, co-hosted their fourth annual seminar on contentious areas of...


Master of the Rules – Hong Kong court confirms that arbitral tribunal governs its own procedural rules

In T v B (Arbitration) [2022] 1 HKLRD 279 the Hong Kong court confirmed that an arbitral tribunal is the "master of its own procedural rules", and that compliance with...


Arbitration Highlights in the Year of the Tiger

As the world welcomes in the Year of the Tiger, we look back at seven recent decisions that made an impact in the past year. In the decisions, the Hong Kong courts grappled with issues such ...


Enforcement of Emergency Awards – India takes a leap

On 6 August 2021, the Indian Supreme Court ruled that awards of emergency arbitrators in India-seated arbitration would be enforceable in India. This has attracted international attention...


C v D – Hong Kong court rules on compliance with pre-arbitration procedural requirements

In a recent anonymized judgment, the Hong Kong Court of First Instance held that compliance with an "escalation clause," a procedural requirement for the commencement of...


Talking Point Asia – "You're on mute!" – top tips for when mediation goes virtual

Mediation has sometimes been described as a bit like marriage counselling. The mediator, like a counsellor, is there to listen to and facilitate discussions between the two parties in an...


The importance of getting your notices right Litigation, Arbitration, and Employment Alert
Registered Content

Where notice requirements are clear and unambiguous, those required to give notices should expect them to be strictly enforced.


Cardinal duty – UK Supreme Court clarifies arbitrators' obligations of impartiality and disclosure

The United Kingdom (UK) Supreme Court has handed down its much-anticipated judgment in Halliburton Company v. Chubb Bermuda Insurance Ltd [2020] UKSC 48 in respect of...


Litigation Landscape: managing your COVID-19 risk

Our Litigation Landscape podcast series will explore the risks businesses face due to COVID-19. We look at the legal issues affecting businesses today, and the key risks to be aware of for...

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