Across topics and issues, borders and industries, we have the thought leadership you need to stay ahead of changes in the law.

Across topics and issues, borders and industries, we have the thought leadership you need to stay ahead of changes in the law.

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US Patents and the potential global monopoly effect for software LimeGreen IP News

Earlier this summer, the Supreme Court held that the Patent Act’s damages provision, 35 U.S.C. 284, allowed a patent holder to recover foreign lost profits when patent infringement...


Hogan Lovells: ITC Section 337 Quarterly Highlights (March 2018)
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The latest news round-up from our Hogan Lovells ITC Section 337 practice, including a new section featuring “tips from the bench” by former ITC Judge Theodore (Ted) R. Essex.


U.S. Energy Disputes: Patents or Trade Secrets? Yes, Please.

Most energy companies implement Intellectual Property (“IP”) strategies to protect and exploit company IP (offense) and navigate third-party rights (defense). Traditionally,...


US: Amazon Wins IP Transfer Tax Dispute, but Favorable Tax Treatment May No Longer be Available

Earlier this year in Amazon v. Commissioner, 148 T.C. No. 8 (March 23, 2017), the U.S. Tax Court issued a 207-page decision largely upholding Amazon’s tax treatment of an intellectual ...

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Six Modern Technology Cases Involving the California Constitutional Right to Privacy Bloomberg BNA

Over 40 years ago, when the citizens of California made privacy a constitutional right, the internet was in its infancy, web browsers would not exist for another 20 years, social networks...

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Battle to Unlock the Box Intellectual Property Magazine

Consider the following scenario: a consumer has been paying monthly fees to her cable company to rent a set-top box for over a decade.

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Considering the Value of Manufacturing Trade Secrets, Confidential Know-How in 'Medtronic' Tax Management Transfer Pricing Report™

These days, licensing between affiliate members of a multinational corporate family is prevalent. While reaching agreement between friendly parties on licensing terms may be easier than it...

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China – When do cease-and-desist letters become unfair competition? LimeGreen IP News

Owners of Chinese patents should take care not to be overly aggressive in asserting their patent rights, especially when dealing with a retailer, dealer, or importer. So long as the patent...

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Tax Dispute Over Coca-Cola's Non-U.S. Trademarks Explained World Trademark Review Daily

The U.S. Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and Coca-Cola are locked in a battle regarding the proper allocation of income between Coca-Cola and its foreign affiliates pursuant to trademark and ...

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