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Heading towards ESG class actions

For more than twenty years, the European Union (EU) witnessed the development of collective redress mechanisms to address mass claims situations. To ensure the proper implementation of...


Only civil courts can hear Duty of Vigilance disputes, says the French Supreme Court

On December 2021, the French Supreme Court acknowledged the jurisdiction of the Nanterre Civil Court in a duty of vigilance matter.


Duty of Vigilance: the French Parliament confers jurisdiction on the Paris Civil Court only

The French Senate recently amended the bill for building confidence in the justice system, to provide for the jurisdiction of the Paris Commercial Court with respect to matters related to...


Update on amendments to the French duty of vigilance Law

On 20 July 2021, the French Parliament adopted the Climate and Resilience Bill which was the occasion for some debates about potential amendments to the Duty of Vigilance Law, in particular ...


Norwegian "Transparency Act": towards greater corporate accountability on human rights topics
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Last June, the Norwegian Parliament adopted the Act relating to Companies' transparency and work on fundamental human rights and decent working conditions, commonly referred to as the...


New jurisdiction rules for Duty of Vigilance disputes

Four years after the enactment of the Duty of Vigilance Law, the French National Assembly adopted in first reading on 4 May 2021 the Climate and Resilience bill which clarifies in its...


Growing convergence towards a hard law duty of care in the EU

Recent years have seen a general move towards increased accountability and responsibility obligations imposed on businesses to respect human rights and prevent adverse impacts throughout...

Hogan Lovells Publications

Working with the European Commission on sustainable corporate governance

A team led by Christelle Coslin, Liam Naidoo, Julia Marlow and Kevin O’Connor has submitted a response to a European Commission consultation on their sustainable corporate governance...


Business and Human Rights: Recent panel discussion on international, European and French landscape

On 21st January 2021, a roundtable was organised by the Association Française des Juristes d’Entreprises (AFJE), Doctrine and Le Grand Continent to discuss where Business...

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