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Landlords have freedom to decide how to apportion service charges between commercial tenants in McKinsey case

The High Court has ruled that a landlord has authority to decide the “due proportion” of the service charge that is payable by each of its tenants. Criterion Buildings Ltd v...

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Putting the “Smart” in Smart Cities Keeping It Real Estate

It is acknowledged by most, that cyber security is of paramount importance in any technological advancement and Smart Cities are no different.

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Time to get real on cyberspace risk (Estates Gazette) Estates Gazette

Article on dealing with the cyber-attack risks posed to building management systems and steps that property owners and occupiers should take to mitigate the risks.

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EMI and Frankenstein: Not dead yet Keeping It Real Estate

Last year, we blogged here on the case of EMI Group Limited v O&H Q1 Limited. EMI was a case in which an assignment of a lease was rendered void, as it offended the provisions of the...

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Waiving not an option in offer-back case Keeping It Real Estate

Offer-back clauses in leases are sometimes used to give the landlord greater control over the identity of the tenant at a property. However, the mechanism of operating an offer-back clause...

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Squatting in mansions: The risk to residential as well as commercial premises Keeping It Real Estate

Since the beginning of this year, the so called Autonomous Nation of Anarchist Libertarians has occupied a number of multimillion pound residential properties in and around Belgravia....

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Terrorist Attacks: The importance of adequate security measures at hotels Keeping It Real Estate

Hotels are targets for terrorists due to the likely presence of foreign tourists and the consequent possibility of impacting multiple nations with one attack.

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Real estate quarterly, Winter 2016

Hogan Lovells quarterly newsletter on legal topics relevant to the UK real estate industry. This issue covers:

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Food for thought on forfeiture (Estates Gazette) Estates Gazette

Article on recent forfeiture cases and, in particular, how the Court deals with applications for relief.

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