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Insights and Analysis

Foreign Subsidies under EU scrutiny: a revolution that will impact foreign undertakings active in the EU

The new EU Foreign Subsidies Regulation, which appears to mirror the substantive EU State aid principles set out in Article 107 (1) of the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union...

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European Investigations Guide

Multinationals face a variety of questions when confronted with an internal investigation. Especially in Europe, cross-border investigations can be challenging to navigate as every...

Insights and Analysis

Consumer IoT – European Commission initiates inquiry into the consumer Internet of Things sector
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The European Commission (“Commission”) has launched an antitrust sector inquiry into the Internet of Things (“IoT”) sector for consumer-related products and services ...

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Dutch Competition Authority consults on Guidelines that pave the way for more flexibility in the field of sustainability agreements

Companies are under increasing pressure to ensure they are operating in a sustainable manner and, in turn, contributing to broader goals of sustainable growth (e.g. achieving CO²...

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Abuse by non-dominant companies? Belgian rules to prohibit "abuses of economic dependence"

A new form of competition law infringement will be enforceable in Belgium (in addition to the prohibitions on anti-competitive agreements and abuses of a dominant position). The new Article ...

Insights and Analysis

Acquisition of businesses in financial difficulty as a result of COVID-19
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In the wake of the COVID-19 crisis, many companies will be facing significant financial difficulties for which the only viable solution to remain a going concern will be acquisition by...

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In the world of COVID-19, companies must not quarantine competition law compliance

Competition law will not be at the top of companies' agendas today. COVID-19 presents companies with many challenges. Companies will be looking for whatever solutions they can find to deal...


Antitrust, Competition, and Economic Regulation Quarterly Newsletter - Winter 2020

Read the roundup of news on antitrust, competition and economic regulation (ACER) in the Winter's edition of our quarterly ACER newsletter.

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