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Italy – COVID-19 pandemic: new measures issued by the Italian Government

Last 31st March 2022 the emergency period terminated; the recent Law Decree No. 24/2022 provides, among others, the extension of the “simplified” agile work regime and the...


The new Italian procedure to contrast offshoring and related dismissals

The 2022 Italian Budget Law (law no. 234/2021) has introduced a new three-stages procedure in case of redundancies caused by the closing of activities, with the aim to discourage the...


The collective bargaining role on agile work in Italy

On 7 December 2021, the Italian Government and the social partners (main employers’ associations and main national unions: hereinafter, the “Social Partners”) signed the...


New provisions to implement equal opportunities/treatment at work in Italy

The Italian Parliament has approved the law No. 162/2021 – the so called “Gribaudo” law - with the aim to implement equal opportunities/treatment for male and...


Mandatory health pass (“Green Pass”) in Italy to enter workplaces - Work & Safety against COVID-19

After a long debate, the Italian government issued Law Decree no. 127/2021 (the “Decree”) providing the obligation for all kind of workers to show the Green Pass to enter any...


Companies need to implement a plan to reduce the impact on environment for the home-work travel

By 23 November 2021 (and by 31 December of each year, for the following years) companies with local units with more than 100 employees in a regional capital, or in a metropolitan city, or...


COVID-19 emergency measures affecting clients' duty to verify withholding taxes
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Covid-19 emergency measures introduced in Italy affecting clients' duty to verify withholding taxes.

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Italy | COVID-19 – INAIL Coverage for employees and direct liability of the employer Employment Alert

Among the provisions issued to reduce the spread of COVID-19 emergency, the Italian legislator extended the protections guaranteed by the National Agency for Insurance against the Risk of...


The Italian labour reform

This is a brief overview of the main features of the Jobs Act, which has significantly reshaped the Italian labour law and results in increased flexibility for employers.

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