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Cheaper in-app purchases... tempting but what is at stake?

Mobile applications are becoming indispensable in our daily lives and businesses. There are many ways to monetize a game app – through showing ads, offering free trials, income from...


China: 2-Year Time-Bar Revised to 3 Years Under CNDRP LimeGreen IP News

Previously, under the CNNIC ccTLD Dispute Resolution Policy (CNDRP) which governs the .CN (and .中国) domain in China, no complaints under CNDRP could be filed against a .CN domain which had...

Fighting Parallel imports in Asia

During a webinar organized by Hogan Lovells, Charmaine Kwong shared her views on the issues and challenges faced by brand owners in tackling parallel imports in Hong Kong, wrote Managing...

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Antitrust spotlight on HR practices in Hong Kong

Since the entry into force of the Competition Ordinance (Ordinance) in December 2015, the Hong Kong Competition Commission (Commission) reports having encountered many practices relating to ...


Heavy Jail Sentence Handed Down on Illegal Set-Top Boxes Sellers in Hong Kong LimeGreen IP News

On 28 December 2017, the District Court of Hong Kong handed down sentences varying from 21 to 27 months’ imprisonment against 3 individuals who took part in a scheme that enabled...

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