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A fork in the road or a dual carriageway? Brexit and Securitisation transactions - some practical perspectives
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Brexit has resulted in a new set of UK rules for securitisations. These rules largely follow the pre-existing EU rules in most, but not all, areas. This article examines the scope of...


COVID-19: Summary of National Payment Moratoria Measures in Europe

Our note summarises key national payment moratoria measures and other reliefs related to the COVID-19 pandemic which have been introduced in various European countries and which are...


COVID-19: Summary of the key elements of the Bank of England's Covid Corporate Financing Facility

Our note summarises the key elements of the Bank of England's response to the COVID-19 crisis for corporates: the Covid Corporate Financing Facility ("CCFF"). The CCFF...


Securitisation 2020: U.K. Law and Practice

Our note provides a high-level guide to securitisation transactions under English law. Written in partnership with Chambers and Partners, it forms the UK-focused section of the Chambers and ...

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Summary of key U.S. and EU regulatory developments relating to securitization transactions

Numerous regulatory developments were enacted or proposed in the United States and the European Union in response to the financial crisis. Although some of the proposed changes are still in ...

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Securitisation 2020 - UK Chambers and Partners

Law and Practice

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Summary of key EU and U.S. regulatory developments relating to securitization transactions Brochure

A comparison and summary of key EU and US regulatory developments relating to securitization transactions.


A new era: The new European framework for securitisations

Following a prolonged period of political scrutiny and negotiation, the texts of two regulations implementing significant changes to the regulation and capital treatment of securitisations...

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Loan portfolio transactions and their related financings

Across Europe, increased regulation, governmental reforms, and higher capital requirements have added pressure on banks to divest non-core assets. Our client note on loan portfolio...

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