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ESG in M&A transactions in Germany – INSIGHTS in five minutes

The influence of ESG aspects is growing rapidly in many areas – including German M&A transactions. It would not be surprising if, as in the field of compliance, ESG sensitive...

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Germany – Alles Gut? EGR Global

After many years, it appears a settled state is in sight. Now attention turns to the future; will the new regime achieve anything like its aims when it comes to channelisation and what...

Hogan Lovells Publications

Public Procurement Law – Our experience

Public procurement law is now a daily companion for all federal, state and local authorities. Even public companies such as public utilities are confronted with the ever more stringent...


Hydrogen – An opportunity for the future

Climate policy in Germany and Europe is becoming increasingly important. A social and political rethinking is taking place.


Key points of the draft bill of the German Economic Stabilisation Fund Act (WStFG)

Over the past few days, the Federal Ministry of Finance has prepared the draft bill of a law to establish an economic stabilisation fund (the "Stabilisation Fund"). The draft bill ...


Spotlight on Online Gaming

There is no need to say that online gaming has conquered the world and certainly will shape the future. It is an industry with one of the quickest product launches, rise of new market...


Financing of broadband expansion in Germany

The ongoing digitalization of our society demands an efficient and future-proof digital infrastructure. The basic prerequisite for industry 4.0, the Internet of Things and e-government is...


Our international service and experience in the gaming industry

How we can help you to face challenges in the gaming industry worldwide.

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