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Building a resilient tech strategy: Technology crises

Right now, every industry is under pressure to innovate, compete or even survive in the current environment, and many companies are using technology to solve some of their biggest...


Biden Administration releases first United States strategy on Countering Corruption

The Biden-Harris Administration intensified its focus on combating corruption by issuing the first-ever United States Strategy on Countering Corruption (“USSCC”) on December 6,...


2021 Enforcement Horizon: New administration civil and criminal enforcement efforts

With a new administration comes new policies and enforcement priorities. Today, as we kickoff our new series “2021 Enforcement Horizon,” we take notice of what has already ...

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COVID-19: A global guide

Global governmental, regulatory, and other legal responses to the coronavirus pandemic.*

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Back to work during COVID-19: A guide for retailers re-opening their doors

Closing stores during a global pandemic wasn't easy. But re-opening stores during a global pandemic comes with its own set of challenges. With a strategic approach and focus on crisis...


Five things retailers should consider in the COVID-19 era
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As the world learns how to navigate the new normal, businesses have become accustomed to dealing with what used to be considered exceptional – managing mass shut-downs, disrupted...


Avoiding legal and reputational risk associated with CARES Act oversight and investigations
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Businesses across the United States have been battered by the COVID-19 crisis and many companies have been the recipients of unprecedented levels of economic assistance and tax relief under ...


Best practices for internal investigations during COVID-19

In this article for Bloomberg Law, Lisa LeCointe-Cephas of Merck & Co. and Lillian S. Hardy and Jennifer D. Brechbill of Hogan Lovells offer their perspectives for internal...

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Remote work doesn’t mean remote risk; managing the COVID-19 “new normal”

The ongoing coronavirus pandemic is causing companies around the world to re-assess how they do business while keeping their employees and communities safe. For much of the United States,...

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