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Market insights on current and future trends in the REIT industry

Stacey McEvoy, a Hogan Lovells partner and recently named 2023 Dealmaker of the Year by The American Lawyer, participated in a video interview discussing REIT market trends in...


SEC staff provides guidance on application of revised non-GAAP C&DIs to REIT disclosures

As covered in our last Hogan Lovells REIT team SEC update, the SEC staff recently revised its non-GAAP financial measures Compliance & Disclosure Interpretations (C&DIs). The...


SEC adopts major Rule 10b5-1 amendments and disclosure requirements relating to securities transactions

On December 14, the SEC adopted long-awaited amendments to Rule 10b5-1 under the Exchange Act that add new conditions for a trading arrangement to qualify for the rule’s affirmative...

Media Mention

Drinks With The Deal: Hogan Lovells' David Bonser The Deal

David Bonser, Global Corporate Managing Partner and Global Head of REITs recently participated in the Drinks with The Deal podcast to discuss the development of his practice, the challenges ...


SEC rule amendments require proxy disclosure of executive pay versus performance

On August 25, the SEC adopted rule amendments that require registrants to disclose, in proxy or information statements in which executive compensation disclosure is required, information...


SEC rule amendments to require electronic submission of Form 144 filings and “glossy” annual reports

The SEC recently adopted rule amendments that will require registrants and other persons to file or otherwise submit electronically via EDGAR a variety of documents that previously could be ...


SEC proposes expansive climate-related disclosure rules

On March 21, in one of its most significant rulemakings in recent years, the Securities and Exchange Commission proposed rules that would require public companies to provide investors with...


SEC proposes significant new cybersecurity disclosure requirements

On March 9, 2022 the SEC proposed rule amendments that would require public companies to report detailed information about material cybersecurity incidents affecting their business and...


SEC proposes climate-related disclosure rules

On March 21, 2022, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) proposed its much anticipated rules requiring climate-related disclosure. The proposed rules, which are intended to...

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