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ESG: UK Smart Buildings: retrofit for purpose?

In this second article in our three-part smart buildings series, we ask: is retrofitting an existing building worth it?Smart buildings utilise integrated technology systems to optimise...


ESG: Time to get smart with our UK buildings

We begin this three-part series on smart buildings with an overview of what they are and how they can help landlords meet increasingly demanding regulation.Technological advancement has...


UK: Earth Day: Investing in our Planet – real estate and planning

As Earth Day comes around this Saturday 22 April, and attention turns to what we should, could, and are each doing to help the planet it seems a great time to reflect on what the planning...


Global real estate and ESG: How the EU, UK and US are responding to the climate crisis

With governments across the globe warning that action is urgently needed to diminish global warming and address the climate crisis, we look at the response of the EU, UK and US, with a ...


Green lease clauses in the UK: a litigious environment

Green lease clauses are now fairly commonplace, with most leases including some sort of ‘green’ obligation. For example, many leases already include ‘green’...


ESG: The global energy crisis: a cross-border comparison

The International Energy Agency has said the world faces its first “truly global energy crisis” as a result of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and the subsequent restriction...


ESG: What are the global issues for cross-border managers of real estate funds?

With ESG requirements varying across different jurisdictions, managers who market their funds in multiple jurisdictions are faced with the potential of having to comply with various...


Cross-border Real Estate Map: Investors and Occupiers

Comparing legal and practical issues to consider when investing in, or relocating to, key jurisdictions. We have added a new feature showing the key issues for cross-border occupiers...

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ESG: How will ESG impact upon the UK landlord and tenant relationship?
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We are already seeing issues arise between landlords and tenants as a result of the impact of ESG. However, as both landlords and tenants see their ESG agendas develop, there are...

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