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Going green: protecting sustainable products in Italy

In Italy, “green IP” is on the rise. High-end brands, for instance those in the fashion industry, are becoming more and more eager to adopt sustainable strategies. Still,...


Augmented reality and e-commerce: IP implications of a powerful alliance

This year, the pandemic forced brands to reinvent themselves to stay virtually close to customers. A surprisingly high number of companies quickly turned to augmented reality...


Italy introduces changes to historical trademarks of national interest
Registered Content

The "Decreto Rilancio" (Law Decree 34/2020) – which was recently converted into law – has changed the regulation of Italian historical trademarks. With the repeal of...


Converting your production to make masks and disinfectants? Our legal guide for Italy

Following the spread of COVID-19, the requests for surgical masks, personal protective equipment (PPE), and disinfectant products have dramatically increased, causing general shortages...

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