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Hogan Lovells contributes to the GCR Foreign Direct Investment Regulation Guide
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The first edition of the Foreign Direct Investment Regulation Guide published by Global Competition Review (GCR) has just been released. The Foreign Direct Investment Regulation Guide...

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Mexico | Cofece released a communication that exempts Competition Law due to the COVID-19 pandemic

On Friday March 17th, in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Federal Commission for Economic Competition (Cofece) issued a release in their official web page, stating its position...

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Mexico, Latin Lawyer Reference Antitrust 2019 Latin Lawyer Reference Antitrust

Mexico City partner Ricardo Pons Mestre wrote the chapter "Mexico" for Latin Lawyer Reference Antitrust 2019.

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Antitrust, Competition and Economic Regulation Quarterly Newsletter – Spring 2018

Outline of global antitrust law developments Spring 2018.

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Antitrust, competition, and economic regulation quarterly newsletter - Winter 2018

Read the latest news on antitrust, competition and economic regulation (ACER) in this Winter's edition of our quarterly ACER newsletter.

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Cartel Regulation 2016 Latin Lawyer Reference

Cartel enforcement in Mexico has a combined nature: it is administrative, civil (including both class and individual civil actions) and criminal.

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Hogan Lovells Mining Newsletter - November 2014 Mining Newsletter

Hogan Lovells Mining Industry Team is pleased to provide a November edition of the Hogan Lovells Mining Industry Newsletter with articles contributed by colleagues in Denver, Johannesburg,...

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Changing Landscape of Competition Law Enforcement in Mexico Antitrust & Trade Regulation Resource Center

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Derechos de Terceros Afectados en los Procedimientos Ante la Comisión Federal de Competencia Competencia Económica – Estudios de Derecho, Economía y Política

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