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Reform of the Energy Security Act: New Options for Action to Secure Energy Supply in the Event of Crisis

Few issues are currently occupying German industry and the energy sector as much as the Ukraine crisis and its consequences for the critical infrastructure in Germany. Against this...


Norwegian court revokes wind power licences to protect the cultural practice of minorities

On 11 October 2021, Norway's highest court declared a construction licence granted in respect of wind turbines to be invalid, because it breached the right of minorities to practice...

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The FIDIC "Emerald Book" as new contractual standard in tunneling projects Tunnelling Journal

After five years of significant work, the new FIDIC "Conditions of Contract for Underground Works", the so-called "Emerald Book", was published in May 2019. The "Emerald Book" aims to...

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Arbitration in Tunneling Projects Tunnelling Journal

Do arbitrations provide for the suitable dispute resolution mechanism in tunnelling projects?

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Dispute Adjudication Boards Tunnelling Journal

Can Dispute Adjudication Boards be a preferred mechanism for tunnelling projects?

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Overriding an Explicit Agreement on the Number of Arbitrators - One Step Too Far under the New ICC Expedited Procedure Rules? Kluwer Arbitration Blog

Find out more in this article of associate Fabian Bonke on the Kluwer Arbitration Blog: >>> Overriding an Explicit Agreement on the Number of Arbitrators – One Step Too Far...

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A new standard for tunnelling contracts Tunnelling Journal

A contractual standard specifically for the tunnelling industry is emerging on the horizon - the new FIDIC Emerald Book.

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