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Insights and Analysis

The Sub-Servicer's activities in the light of the bank of Italy's guidelines and relevant case law

This analysis is based on a recent decision of the Supreme Court (No. 7243 of 18 March 2024), which states "[...] The failure to enter the person actually in charge of the collection...

Insights and Analysis

Securitisation: a guide to UK law and regulation

The securitisation industry is subject to a wide range of laws and regulations which need to be considered when structuring a securitisation transaction. We have produced a guide that ...


Natural bedfellows? How securitisation could benefit from blockchain

The securitisation market is already very familiar with the ability to convert illiquid assets into more tradeable products. Blockchain and tokenisation have the potential to disrupt...


Italian Tax Bonus Decree: what's new on the Superbonus scheme

Through the conversion of Law Decree No. 39/2024 into Law No. 67 of 23 May 2024 (the "Tax Bonus Decree"), the Parliament has now approved a number of restrictions substantially...


The EU Late Payment Regulation – unintended consequences for structured finance transactions?

The European Commission published a proposal for a regulation on combating late payment in commercial transactions last year which will introduce new rules, including that payments have to...

Insights and Analysis

New originators, are you ready for securitisation?

While securitisations offer numerous benefits, there are a number of important points for originators to consider to facilitate entering into a securitisation transaction and to avoid...

Insights and Analysis

Not harder, still smarter? The new UK securitisation framework nears the finish line

The clock is ticking with the publication of the UK’s FCA and PRA final rules on securitisation; these will, together with The Securitisation Regulations 2024, provide a new framework ...


Securitisation disclosure - could less be more?

The detailed disclosure requirements under the Securitisation Regulations in the EU and UK, which aim to ensure that investors receive the information needed to make informed assessments,...


Securities Act Rule 192 – Conflicts of interest relating to certain securitizations

On January 25, 2023, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission re-proposed a rule, previously presented in 2011, to prevent material conflicts of interest with an investor in an...

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