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Sport Meets Antitrust: Should monopolistic structures in European sports be questioned?

In July, the Court of Justice of the European Union ("CJEU") heard not one, but two cases at the intersection between sports and competition law. Both cases seem to have the...


Sport Meets Antitrust: A spectacle for spectators?

The events surrounding the Super League in European football have caused a lot of controversy. Many top clubs have had to take a stand. Fans protested. Even state leaders have had their...


Sports law podcast: Discussion surrounding U.S. professional sports investment with LawInSport

Listen to Mark Kurtenbach, head of the Colorado Corporate & Finance practice at Hogan Lovells, Sean Cottrell, and Chris Bond of LawInSport discuss the rapidly evolving and complex U.S....


Sport Meets Antitrust: Does the European Sport Model preclude Super League ambitions?

The “European Super League” is a project that was announced in April this year and then fell apart within a few days. The idea behind it, however, can change European club...


What the NCAA’s 9-0 loss means for college sports

Just days ago, in NCAA v. Alston, the Supreme Court unanimously ruled that the NCAA may place no limits on “education-related” benefits to student-athletes. Siding with current...


The long road to getting fans in the stands

After a long hiatus, major league sports is making a successful return to the US. Intercollegiate sports too have returned in a limited fashion. There have been relatively few...


Has Messi opened up a Pandora’s box before the European Courts?

Messi is victorious not only on the football field, but also before the European Courts: the football player’s reputation creates a conceptual difference between MESSI and MASSI which ...


Re-open for business in the UK: How to safely reintroduce sports fans into sporting venues

They say a week is a long time in sport. No wonder then that the sight of fans standing shoulder to shoulder in sporting venues around the country seems like such a distant memory, four...

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