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The mobility and transportation industries are evolving at a rapid pace, presenting a significant challenge for businesses to stay ahead of new developments, technologies, and regulations....

Insights and Analysis

Optimists see opportunities; pessimists see risk. Your counsel should see both.

The India - Middle East - Europe Economic Corridor (IMEC) is expected to generate significant investment opportunities in sectors such as construction, rail, shipping, logistics, energy and ...


Hogan Lovells Living Mobility Spotlight Q&A series

What is Living Mobility? It is easier to say what it is not. The automotive industry is no longer focused on the traditional vehicle. Not only are the vehicles changing, but we are now...

Insights and Analysis

Mobility and Transportation - Hot Topic Q&A Interviews

In the course of the transformation of the mobility and transportation industry disruptive distribution models, international disputes or supply chain disruptions are currently affecting...


MOVE - Hot Topic One-Pagers

As emerging technologies, geopolitical realities and macroeconomic issues evolve, our MOVE lawyers are well positioned to help you pursue opportunities and manage new risks and challenges.&n...


MOVE Newsletter | February 2024

Hogan Lovell’s MOVE team presents the new edition of its quarterly newsletter: Covering the latest news, events, achievements, and more from our global Aerospace and Defense sector,...


Security Snippets: Rapid SCADA vulnerabilities create risk

Industrial automation platform Rapid SCADA contains seven key vulnerabilities.


MOVE Sectors Newsletter | December 2023

The MOVE Sectors present the new edition of their quarterly newsletter: Covering the latest news, events, achievements, and more from our global Aerospace and Defense, Automotive and...


TSA revises rail cybersecurity directives for passenger and freight railroads

In October 2023, the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) updated three of its cybersecurity directives regulating passenger and freight railroad carriers. The following...

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