Total Brand Care Series: Effective global management of legal issues impacting brand value

After the successful launch of this series late last year in Tokyo and Osaka (attended by over 500 people), the expansion of this seminar series to Europe is specifically designed to assist our clients by covering all such aspects of brand value, from managing a product safety crisis or cyber security breach, to using data protection as a brand value, and how far you can wield the power of a dominant brand. 

Topics will include:

Digital age branding – risks and opportunities

Companies with strong brands typically collect a large amount of online data, engage in consumer tracking and profiling and retail analytics using location data and other criteria. What are the restrictions on your collection and use of that data and how may you share that data within your global operations?

Also as a famous brand you most likely will increasingly become a target for hacking and cybersecurity attacks. What can you do to restrict the risk occurring and what should you do (with respect to your customers, the attackers and the relevant regulatory bodies) if you have been attacked?

Protecting your brand when a product liability disaster strikes

When a product liability disaster strikes how should you react to lessen the damage to the reputation of your company and brands and how can you do this quickly and in a globally coordinated way?

Furthermore, instead of just being reactive, what processes, structures and systems should be proactively created to ensure you are best placed to deal quickly with sudden significant claims against you?

Brands and antitrust concerns around the world

What antitrust rules do you need to think about as you seek to protect your brand, and sell your products globally? Latest news from the U.S. Europe and China, including the new enforcement environment under the Trump administration and the increased risk of allegations of monopolisation or unfair competition in the U.S. The latest investigations arising out of the EU eCommerce sector inquiry, including online sales, merchandising and geo-blocking. How is the merger of Chinese competition authorities going to affect brand owners, how are the competition rules on dealings with distributors changing in China?

Effective PR communications to minimise damage to your brand

If you find yourself confronting a potential backlash from the market and your customers because of breaches of the laws discussed above, how can you quickly create and implement an effective PR communications programme to lessen the harmful impact on your company's reputation and brand value?

Brand creation – get it right from the start

What is the best way to create new brands?

We will introduce the launch of our new services in this area and explain best practices for:

  • developing an efficient and effective multi-disciplinary team within your organisation to lead new brand projects;
  • when and how to outsource key elements of the brand creation process;
  • analysing and making decisions regarding key commercial, marketing and legal issues when creating new brands.

Brand, mission and positive social influence

Brand value, revenue, cost of capital and talent retention are increasingly driven by those brand that successfully position themselves as positive social influencers.

  • To work it has to be more than skin deep – to have integrity and be authentic
  • What are the new socio legal trends?  What is CrowdReg and why does it determine your  Licence to Operate
  • It's not what you do it's who you are – beyond legal risk management - has your Brand got Legal substance & Integrity?  Putting the law in your shop window.
  • Are you mission locked?
  • The investors and analysts perspective.

How to legally obtain your desired brand

A practical case study of effective trade mark and design clearance techniques in the U.S. and China: how to move from candidate trade marks to final selection of the best brand and a successful registration. This includes: key aspects on how to structure the search; creative solutions to overcoming prior registrations; and an explanation of how to select different strategies for different countries and situations.

The full package for your brand

Packaging plays a vital role in the overall branding concept. Regulations relating to labelling and packaging can be quite detailed and restrictive. When commercialising brands how far can you push the legal limit in your packaging, marketing and advertising?

The power of colour

Colour can be a powerful marketing tool. We explore the beneficial cognitive impact of colour in branding. We then explain the secrets of successfully registering and enforcing colour trade marks, through a number of practical examples. We will also discuss the approach to colour within our own branding.

Protecting the valuable investment in your brands

What should an overall trade mark protection strategy look like, and in particular how should you allocate corporate time and money for enforcement efforts.

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