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Our commitment to innovation

Transformative technologies. Disruptive business models. Proliferating regulation. Powerful forces are transforming what lawyers do and how we do it. Clients need fresh thinking combined with proven experience. That’s what we provide. We don’t just talk about innovation. We do it.

We innovate in how we deliver our services

The world is changing. So are we. In tune with client priorities, we are always looking to enhance our mix of services and how we deliver them.

legal service delivery

Legal Service Delivery

Our dedicated global Legal Service Delivery function seamlessly brings together legal project management and alternative delivery models, leveraging people, process and technology. For example, our dashboard reports provide transparency and predictability on fees to clients. And our process maps help to graphically guide clients, advisors and third parties through complex deals. We've developed a range of alternative delivery solutions that help us make sure that the work we do is resourced cost-effectively and priced thoughtfully while being delivered at the expected high service quality. Our Legal Services Centre (Birmingham, UK) and our Global Business Services Centres (Louisville, US and Johannesburg, South Africa) form part of our approach to continuously improve and extend the services we offer our clients in an innovative, pragmatic and strategically sensible way.

Advanced technologies

Advanced Technologies

We know that technology, used well, can help us perform better. Across our practices we are applying advanced technologies, such as machine learning and other types of artificial intelligence, to review documents, prepare litigation outcome assessments, help surface new insights, and realize other efficiencies. A multi-disciplinary team including lawyers and technologists is constantly assessing the potential of such technologies to create value for our clients, and is available to share insights with them.

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