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Cybersecurity risk is pervasive. Almost inevitably, your organization will experience a cybersecurity incident -- and with the environment evolving daily, you can’t be too prepared for the aftermath. Your organization can face government investigations, media attention, customer demands, and litigation – circumstances that require careful yet rapid response. Our seasoned Cybersecurity Solutions team helps you every step of the way, adroitly advising on the complex and interrelated impacts of each...

• Helped a major retailer coordinate an overall legal response to a card breach affecting over 50 million, including oversight of key forensics investigation and report; acting as lead counsel for internal investigation and regulatory compliance; and counsel to agency investigations.

• Coordinated all legal aspects of a response to a breach at a major health insurer affecting more than 70 million records; served as lead counsel for internal investigation, class action litigation, and response to multiple agency investigations.

• Prepared incident response plan for a large integrated energy company’s 150-person legal department; helped prepare a legal risk analysis in the event of a major breach.

• Prepared company-wide incident response plan for major media and entertainment company; prepared for and participated in senior management tabletop; drafted data classification policy; counseling on law enforcement and information-sharing efforts.

• Counseled a major insurance and financial services company’s audit committee and other senior management reports in the wake of a significant cyber attack; advised on company’s response to attack and led presentation to full board of directors.

• Reviewed a regional bank’s cybersecurity policies and procedures, including results of recent company-wide tabletop exercise, and provided recommendations to general counsel and his team.

• Working with chief information security officer and head of risk, we prepared and led a tabletop exercise involving the most senior management of a large global fashion retailer and wholesaler.

• Counseled a major cable and internet services provider’s general counsel and senior management on the governance and structure of the company’s cybersecurity program; drafted and reviewed cybersecurity policies and procedures; provided them with a strategy for evolving their program.

• Counseled a regulated broker-dealer on design and approach of cybersecurity compliance and risk management; designed and led a tabletop exercise for senior management.

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