International Spectrum Review

The FCC's Wild West: Allocating Spectrum Above 24 GHz for Mobile Broadband Services

Today’s wireless mobile broadband networks largely operate on spectrum below 3 GHz, but engineers and policymakers are actively looking to higher frequency bands for the development...

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FCC Issues Enforcement Advisory Against Wi-Fi Blocking

On January 27, 2015, the Chief of the FCC’s Enforcement Bureau released an Enforcement Advisory indicating that the Bureau would continue to enforce prohibitions on wireless jamming...

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U.S. FCC Issues Notice of Violation to Nike for Corporate Wireless System

In the latest example of increased U.S. Federal Communications Commission ("FCC") enforcement activity, the agency’s Enforcement Bureau has issued a Notice of Violation to Nike Inc.,...

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House Republicans Preview 2015 Telecom Agenda: Reform the FCC and Increase Spectrum

With both houses of Congress coming under Republican leadership, it appears increasingly likely that reform of at least some of the laws governing the telecommunications sector could take...

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U.S. FCC AWS-3 Auction Revenue Surpasses $16 Billion

After four days and fifteen rounds of bidding, bidding for paired spectrum in the U.S. Federal Communications Commission AWS-3 spectrum auction (Auction 97) remained very strong...

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