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Broadcast Incentive Auction Update: Rules of the Road Coming Soon

By Michele FarquharPraveen Goyal, and Deborah Broderson

The FCC is expected to vote on rules governing the broadcast incentive auction during its May 15 open meeting.  Although...

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Beyond Kolkata: Delivering on the Goals of the Communications Act

By Michele Farquhar & Trey Hanbury

Home to more than 4.5 million people, Kolkata, India has a fascinating transportation network.  A recent visit to the city revealed bicycles,...

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New technologies, new risks: An update on recent TCPA developments that could require companies to reassess their outbound communications policies

Michele Farquhar, a partner in the Communications Practice in Washington, D.C., and Mark Brennan, an associate in the same group, recently coauthored an article on the litigation risks...

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