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Savings accounts: In or out? The CJEU's flexible approach to savings accounts.

In a very short judgment the CJEU has decided that an online direct savings account which permits unlimited access to funds, but only through an intermediate reference (current) account, is ...

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Changes to current account information requirements: to be implemented next week

The FCA has published further changes to new current account information requirements which were originally finalised last December. Discussions with the industry had revealed that some of...

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FCA counts the cost of high-cost credit: a possible ban on unarranged overdrafts

The FCA has published a Feedback Statement on its review of the high-cost credit market which pulls together the evidence and feedback it received following a Call for Input (CfI) in...

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Preparing for the unknown: the EBA consults on security measures under PSD2

The European Banking Authority (EBA) has published its consultation paper on its draft guidelines on security measures for operational and security risks under Article 95(3) of the second...

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