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Savings accounts: In or out? The CJEU's flexible approach to savings accounts.

In a very short judgment the CJEU has decided that an online direct savings account which permits unlimited access to funds, but only through an intermediate reference (current) account, is ...

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Extending PRIN and BCOBS to payment services and e-money: a question of enforcement?

The FCA is proposing to bring payment services and e-money within the scope of the Principles for Businesses (PRIN) and provisions relating to communication standards under the Banking...

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FCA proposes changes to the regulatory framework for peer-to-peer platforms

The FCA has published a consultation containing proposed new rules to update the regulatory framework for peer-to-peer (P2P) platforms. The proposals include introducing new restrictions on ...

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Creditworthiness assessments: new rules and expectations

The FCA has published Policy Statement 18/19 containing its final rules on creditworthiness assessments. Although the rule changes are meant to be minimal, it is likely that firms will need ...

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The regulatory sandbox one year on: the FCA takes stock

The FCA has published a report that reflects on how its regulatory sandbox has met its objectives over the first year of its operation.

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