Stories from our colleagues

We’re straight talkers here – upfront, honest, and ready to share what we know. So if you want to know what it’s like to work at our firm, there’s no one better to hear it from than our people.


Aaron Crane, Partner

Grow with dynamic resources

Adam Levin, Partner

Dynamic opportunities await you

Agnes Dover, Senior Counsel

Be a dynamic guiding hand

Ajay Kuntamukkala, Partner

Become a dynamic mentor

Albert Hagovsky, Paralegal Coordinator

Make a valued, dynamic contribution

Allison Holt, Senior Associate

Join a dynamic firm with heart

Amy Roma, Partner

Fit into a dynamic culture

Ana Gutierrez, Partner

Bring your voice to a dynamic movement

Ari Fitzgerald, Partner

Build close and dynamic partnerships

Arlene Chow, Partner

Find the dynamic balance that works for you

Ben Fleming, Senior Associate

Work on meaningful and dynamic assignments

Brittany Brewer, Senior Associate

Be part of an outstanding dynamic team

Carine Stoick, Partner

Get a more dynamic balance

Christopher Pickens, Partner

Work with brilliant, dynamic people

Christopher Wolf, Senior Counsel

Practice in a dynamic area of law

Clay James, Partner

Be part of a dynamic global practice

Cullen Taylor, Partner

Discover a dynamic and rewarding environment

David Baron, Senior Associate

Surround yourself with dynamic colleagues

Edward “Ted” Wilson, Jr., Partner

Find a dynamic fit for your future

Elena Flowers, Client Maintenance Manager

Be a dynamic, integral part of the firm

Elizabeth McGuire, Attorney

Achieve a dynamic fit with work and family

Hannah Graae, Senior Associate

Embrace a dynamic environment

Harriet Pearson, Partner

Be part of robust and dynamic global practice

Irene Rosa, Electronic Billing Analyst

Grow your profession in a dynamic way

Janet McDavid, Partner

Arrive at a place of dynamic excellence

Jessica Ellsworth, Partner

Make it your purpose to be dynamic

Karla Aghedo, Senior Associate

Receive dynamic support for your profession

Kathryn Marshall Ali, Senior Associate

Be part of a dynamic, interconnected firm

Kevin Gentry, Head of Global Finance Systems

Enter a dynamic where your voice is always heard

Lisa Fried, Partner

Evolve into an important, dynamic role

Mahvesh Qureshi, Partner

Discover the dynamic of both worlds

Maile Hermida, Partner

Find a more dynamic fit

Marieta Bingatati, Client Account Manager

Be inspired by a dynamic culture

Mark Mazo, Partner

Promote a dynamic of good citizenship

Meg McIntyre, Senior Associate

Get into major dynamic deals early in your career

Meghan Rissmiller, Partner

Experience dynamic support

Michael Heyl, Partner

Make a dynamic transition to the next level

Mitul Parikh, IT User Support Specialist

Join a positively dynamic workplace

Oliver Armas, Partner

Join the dynamic of a unique legal practice

Richard Lorenzo, Partner

Discover the dynamic to advance

Rob Ripin, Partner

Innovate through a global dynamic

Ruth Frasier, IT Applications Engineer

Enjoy an enriching, dynamic culture

Stephen Loney, Jr., Partner

Build a dynamic experience that proves valuable

Timothy Lloyd, Partner

Lead a dynamic team

Toia Cross, Regional IT Manager

Come to work in a respectful, dynamic atmosphere

Tom Connally, Partner

Join a dynamic family

Vicki Massey, Facilities Manager

Experience dynamic growth

Will Yavinsky, Partner

Dynamic from the moment you arrive

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