Learning and development

A constant upward trajectory

We’ll never take a hands-off approach to your development, no matter how far you go with us. It takes continuous learning, precise skills, understanding and innovative thinking to do the best work. That’s why we invest in our people through learning and development to ensure they’re the best they can be.

Students, Trainees and Junior Lawyers

We also offer outstanding personal and professional development opportunities for Students, Trainees and Junior Lawyers. With a wealth of resources, including online training courses, we boost your expertise in a host of key areas. But what truly sets us apart? Well, it’s the quality of our client portfolio. It’s comprehending the complexity of the cases we take on, and tapping into the impressive depths of knowledge your colleagues can offer. It’s the encouragement our junior lawyers find to be themselves and pursue their passions. And when it comes to what you do next, the pace and direction of your progress will be down to you.

Newly qualified lawyers

Just starting your journey as a newly qualified lawyer? You’ll benefit from a foundation program that’s specific to your chosen area of practice. These intense programs vary in length from three to five days, but whatever the duration, each one is designed to fully orientate our newly qualified lawyers in their chosen area. Each program is delivered by relevant partners and professional support lawyers, all ready to share their collective experience.

Associates and senior associates

If you’re joining at associate level, there’s a few different ways we’ll look to train you, empower you and help you shape your future.

The first of those is our seminars, group meetings and conferences. Here, we’ll help you build specific knowledge bases related not just to your practice but to other areas of the firm. That way, you’re growing into a lawyer with the skill and breadth to collaborate. You might attend our senior associate conference, for instance, to meet with hundreds of other colleagues across our global network.

Associate training will help too. With MBA-style courses, we’ll equip you with the skills and language to get to the heart of the matter when you talk commercial objectives with our clients. Regional retreats are another chance to take your skills further here, with cross-border and multi-jurisdictional workshops to broaden your mindset.

Finally, there’s our leadership programs, keeping you on an upward trajectory. Constantly learning, you’ll cover subjects like people management, persuading, influencing, networking, personal impact, presenting, law firm finance, and career planning. The courses are delivered by the firm’s People Development team, as well as an impressive range of external business experts.

Partnership and beyond

Personal growth is for everyone – no matter how experienced you are. Our lawyers benefit from brilliant opportunities to pursue the next stage of their career, thanks to a dedicated range of outstanding training programs.

Our People Development programs are carefully designed to provide support at every stage of a lawyer’s career. We’re there at all kinds of key moments – whether it’s facing a big challenge, or helping you take the leap into your next promotion.

As you progress into more senior roles, you’ll be invited to attend a series of development programs. That way, everyone has every opportunity to pick up the advanced business and management skills that ensure success in building a practice.

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