What can I expect from your summer program?

In a word, action. It’s working with our lawyers – getting to know them and their practices; tapping into their experience. It’s mentoring, training, vital feedback, and the chance to do meaningful work across all kinds of practice areas. You might attend client meetings, closings, administrative hearings, oral arguments, or depositions. And of course, you’ll get to know your fellow summer associates, spending the summer in a new city – or even just seeing a city you know from brand new angles. 

It’s also the chance to experience just how global we are. Five summer associates with a keen interest in our transnational practices will head across the pond for a two-week program in our London office.

What are your summer program hiring criteria?

We’re a dynamic firm looking for equally dynamic applicants. So naturally, our summer program is highly competitive. That said, there’s no formula as such, but you’ll be expected to be an academic problem-solver with impressive law school accomplishments. Excelling on paper and in person, you’ll have the quick-thinking communication skills to keep up with our fast-moving world. You’ve also got a cause, a passion for community involvement, and the ability to look beyond yourself.

But it isn’t just about being a high achiever at school. After all, our people are exceptional as individuals, but they’re even better together. You’ll be the kind of colleague who raises the game of the whole team – who makes us all more passionate, more motivated; who inspires others with their natural capacity for leadership. You’ve got a cause, a zeal for community service and the greater good. You’ve also got a real sense of spirit, and it drives you constantly. You’re looking for somewhere that’s wired the way you are, where you can add your voice to our new dynamic. 

How do I apply for a summer associate position?

Most of our U.S. offices have summer programs, and to find the right people, we’ll conduct initial interviews at more than 30 law schools. 

Not to worry though; if you’re a second-year law student from a U.S.-accredited school that we don’t visit, you can still apply by providing a resume, current law school transcript, and a brief letter explaining your interest in us. You can find each office’s contact details on their Location page. 

Not in second year yet? Well, in mid-December, each U.S. office determines whether it’ll hire first-year law students for the coming summer program. We regularly update this information, so check out our Apply page for the most up-to-date information about our openings. 

Wait, there’s more. We also offer a variety of diverse summer internships for first-year law students, including partnerships with General Electric (in Boston); IBM (in New York); Exelon, PPG, and Honeywell (in Washington, D.C.); eBay (in Silicon Valley); and Southern California Edison (in Los Angeles). 

What can I expect during the interview process?

After screening interviews, we invite a select number of candidates to visit our offices for additional meetings. Typically you’ll meet with a variety of lawyers, including members of our recruitment committee. We want the experience to be tailored to your needs and interests as much as possible though, so we’ll ask you to identify your areas of interest to help us do that.

Most of our offices have regular recruitment committee meetings to consider candidates who visit the office for call-back interviews. We’ll do our best to inform you of our offer decision as soon as possible following your in-office interviews. Consistent with NALP Timing Guidelines, you’ll have 28 days following the date on your offer letter to decide whether to accept an offer for summer employment.

Do you allow “splitting” during your summer program?

Many of our offices don’t allow split summers. But, in offices where splits are allowed, you must be with the firm for a minimum of seven weeks at the beginning of the summer program. For more details, please contact the office you’re applying to find out more about their particular policy.

What’s the typical duration of your summer program?

Each office establishes the dates for its own program, but typically our programs last for approximately 8 to 10 weeks, usually starting in mid-to-late May.

What kind of training can I expect to receive as a summer associate?

The kind of training designed to help you move as quickly as possible from law student to professional. We want you to get the most out of this, which means you’ll get training with real value: working with partners and associates, for instance, on live client matters. You’ll also have regular training sessions covering topics like deposition taking, negotiation, drafting, and legal writing skills. 

We’ll set you up with practical training with long-term value, including observing hearings, meetings, and negotiating sessions, as well as attending practice area meetings and firmwide events. 

Then, there’s the big meet. Each year, all U.S. summer associates attend a conference in Washington, D.C., where you’ll meet your colleagues from other offices and learn from firm leaders about our vision and values, practice areas, financial information, and strategic plans for the future. Best of all, you’ll form a picture of how you fit with our structure – and build links with your fellow summer associates across the country.

Will I have the opportunity to work on pro bono matters as a summer associate?

Absolutely. We encourage you to complete at least one pro bono project and participate in more if you have time and interest. For us, it’s an excellent way for you to have direct client contact and learn valuable legal skills while doing good.

Our Pro Bono practice is all about drawing in the experience of our worldwide team in order to improve the lives of those who need it most. Those who can’t access justice, those who can’t afford lawyers – and that includes not just individuals but charities and nonprofit social enterprise. Whoever we help, we provide the highest standard of legal service, taking the responsibility as seriously as we’d take any client across the business. After all, building deep, rewarding relationships is part of who we are – and this is no exception. Read more about our pioneering Pro Bono practice.

Do you have a job hotline for visually impaired applicants?

We do. Please call +1 202 637 6444 for instructions on submitting an application to any U.S. office.