Marieta Bingatati

Client Account Manager

Be inspired by a dynamic culture

Consistently high quality

I was attracted to the firm because of its vision, strategy, culture, and leadership – we’re inspired to be ambitious, innovative, supportive, accountable, and committed. I wanted to be part of a dynamic organization that challenges me to be my best self. 

I also really admire that the firm encourages straight talk. To me, this allows us to openly communicate and learn and grow as we engage and collaborate with one another. 

Personal growth

My background is in law firm expenses, cost recovery, and project management. Billing was a new skill for me, and the fact that the firm entrusted me with the responsibility of heading a team in a newly established service center speaks volumes to the wealth of opportunity here.

High-quality opportunities

I work alongside a number of talented individuals, and they’ve truly enriched my experience during my short tenure with the firm. I’ve had the opportunity to learn a new job and expand my skill set while heading a newly created and growing department in Louisville. I joined the office during a time of exciting growth and look forward to seeing what the future holds.